Earworm Wednesday!

With a H/T to Vodkapundit, I give you Chef’s Greatest hit:

Stephen laid this one out last month, and it stayed in my head all weekend.

That’s an earworm.

Wait…They Can Do That?

So I’m hearing murmurs of MoveOn getting spooked by the notion of a GOP Congress using some obscure process called “reconciliation” to pass bad laws.


I wonder what MoveOn will do when someone whispers in their little ears an explanation of how Obamacare became law.

Pro tip: you won’t find it in a Schoolhouse Rock singalong.

Tar, Feathers, Government

Some assembly required.

h/t Hogewash!

Quote For Today

Has anyone told Ebola yet that it’s on the wrong side of history and has no place in the 21st century?

John Hayward


The last post at Fair Use Parody Productions is up.

Mocky Mock and the Funky Bunch

This may or may not be a Bonus Earworm; mostly it’s an excuse to say “Mocky Mock and the Funky Bunch.”

Because fresh, delicious mockery is called for, and I’m not feeling it right now, let this be your point and laugh open thread.

But before I post, I will offer a couple alternate theories to contrast the dastardly crime spree that the World’s Worst Internet Investigator (Johnny Fatsign?) posits.

Alternate Theory #1

Johnny Fatsign has it wrong because he is making connections where none exist.

Alternate Theory #2

Johnny Fatsign has it wrong because he is being played. He has been getting played for three years. He has been getting played so hard and so thoroughly that he gets confused when he ISN’T being played.

Alternate Theory #3

Johnny Fatsign has it wrong because #JohnnyFatsignIsBATSHITCRAZY.

Comments are open!

Earworm Wednesday!

Personally, I can’t get enough of this one. I could play it all day long.


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